Our Jelly Tots nursery at Charles Burrell Centre


At Jelly Tots CBC we cater for 2-5 years old. It is open 52 weeks a year Monday - Friday, 8am to 6pm. Like our sister nursery at White Hart Street we believe that meal times are a very important time to spend as a 'family' and use this time to talk about our day. However at the Charles Burrell Centre we do not offer cooked meals and request that you bring a health packed lunch. This does not affect the quality of the interaction that your child will still encounter throughout meal times.


At this nursery we have one large main room and  a separate designated sensory exploration room for the children to engage in various sensory/messy activities. We also have  large secure fenced garden to explore. During their time at nursery they will have the opportunity to explore their surrounding environment with staff members supporting and extending their learning



The main room is split into areas to support your child’s learning in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage. All the areas of the room are designed with your child in mind and to encourage social interaction with their friends and communication, following their interest.



Within the designated exploration room, we get to explore a vast range of materials. This includes paints, our sand pit, play dough, water tray as well as a malleable table to explore resources such as winter wonderland, the arctic etc, 

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