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Jelly Babies 

Here we provide a warm, loving environment. Our baby room has the benefit of its own small kitchen area, and a separate sleeping room and changing area with a toilet facility. Here the emphasis is on responsive care and building strong relationships. Babies’ care routines are recorded in partnership with parents and your child’s key person will carefully incorporate these and continually liaise with you.


Baby Care Thetford

Learning begins from the moment of birth and even before their first words, they learn a lot about language by hearing people talking, and are especially interested when it involves themselves and their daily lives. During their first year of life, young babies' physical development is rapid as they gain increasing control of their muscles. They quickly become mobile and develop skills in moving their hands, feet, limbs and head and are able to handle and manipulate objects. 

Responsive care from a sensitive adult (who responds to children's growing understanding and emotional needs) helps to build secure attachments to the special people in a baby’s life. At Jelly Tots Nursery our regular, but flexible, routines help our young children to gain a sense of order in the world and to anticipate events. A wide variety of experiences are offered, which involves all five senses, encourages learning and an interest in the environment.

Baby Care

What we can provide: 

An age appropriate baby room, suitable from babies from as young as 3 months

Fully serviced child care

A beautiful and educational outdoor play area

Homemade baby food - all food is prepared in line with your child's dietary preferences

Learning activities tailored to suit their individual needs

Regular walks and dedicated sleep time


The Indoor Environment

For our youngest children is like a second home, providing a place for rest, eating, sleeping, activity and exploration. Our baby room has ‘sensory areas’ to explore; these include a ‘natural area’ complete with treasure baskets to encourage heuristic play, a ‘reflective area’ with reflective materials, mirrors and soft lights and a ‘fascinating sounds area’. Your baby will be able to enjoy discovering with paint, sand, water, corn flour and other tactile materials as well as rolling, grasping, observing, socialising and tasting. A cosy, inviting book corner promotes an early interest in literacy.

The Outdoor Environment

Our free flow outdoor area provide babies a chance to explore, use their senses and be physically active supported by their Key Person. They can also learn about the wider world, be challenge and promote adventure and exploration. The area is enclosed, secure and designed for this age group. 

Transition into Jelly Tots

As babies become increasingly mobile new opportunities for exploration and exercise arise. Once walking, babies will move to the Jelly Tots Room (around 24 months).

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