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Jelly Beans

Our Pre-School practitioners carefully create opportunities for play and learning to help your child's all round development. At this stage children are becoming more aware of their place in a community. Literacy and numeracy can develop rapidly with the support of a wide range of interesting materials and activities. Children's language is now much more complex, as many become adept at using longer sentences. Conversations with adults become a more important source of information, guidance and reassurance.


Preschool Thetford

An increased interest in collaborative play such as make-believe, construction and games helps children to learn the important social skills of sharing and cooperating. Children also learn about helping adults in everyday activities and finding a balance between independence and complying with the wishes of others. Children still need the comfort and security of special people. Close, warm relationships with adults form the basis for much learning, such as encouraging children to make healthy choices in food and exercise. 


Preschool: Preparing For School

Whether your child has come through our Jelly Babies and Jelly Tots rooms, or is joining us in preparation for 'big school', our staff who create a safe and stimulating environment for your child to enjoy and develop in. You child will benefit immensely from being around other children of the same age, creating the perfect environment to prepare them for formal schooling.


If you have any questions, or you'd like to book a tour of our pre-school, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

The Indoor Environment

The indoor spaces are planned to allow flexibility, exploration and independent approach across all seven areas of learning. It is vitally important, not only in assisting children with their maths and literacy but also in helping them to think, tackle problems and interact. Giving children extensive opportunity for creative expression helps to build their social skills, speaking and listening skills, motor skills and their ability to solve problems. The areas also gives them a foundation for maths as they use materials to study volume and size, quantity and length. Through these they learn to categorise, sort and classify.

The Outdoor Environment

Our Pre-school leads directly to three different outdoor areas including the mud kitchen space. Appropriately dressed, children will experience the great outdoors in all weathers in our secure, enclosed garden. We value our garden as an extended classroom and children are able to enjoy a range of stimulating activities outdoors. The outdoor environment is carefully constructed to enhance children's play and learning.


What we can provide: 

An Ofsted registered pre-school setting

Fully serviced childcare provision

A large, beautiful, and educational outdoor play area

Nutritious food, made in house and prepared in line with any dietary preferences or requirements

Support to develop crucial skills ready for formal education

Fun-based learning with structure and routine

Highly qualified, highly experienced staff

Government funded places are available for all 3 and 4-year-olds in England

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