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Leading Childcare Provider

As a leading childcare provider, Jelly Tots aims to create a stimulating and caring environment in which children are encouraged to become independent and resilient. Developing confidence in their abilities and by raising their awareness of the needs of others.

Quality Experiences

Our core values and beliefs and Mission Statement underpins our approach to childcare, which is child focused, concentrating on all of the children's efforts and achievements and observing their next steps in learning and development. We actively listen and help your child to evolve their thinking and build deeper understanding by building on what they already knows.

Learning Through Play

Children learn critical skills and develop as they play. We encourage active learning through real-life and imaginary situations that engage and challenge your child's thinking. Although some activities for children in the Nursery are pre-planned, we recognise that children will learn most from free play and self-initiated games. Therefore we make observations of the children’s play and these observations inform future planning which is responsive to the children’s interests and experiences.


Children enjoy many different ways of exploring, experimenting and expressing themselves, and we provide a large variety of opportunities for children to do this. We praise every child's efforts, focusing on the process of each activity or play experience, rather than the outcome.


Because it’s more than just a meal. They are a time to swap stories, strengthen bonds, and deepen relationships, to feed your child emotionally as well as physically. Our chef cooks delicious and nutritious homemade meals every day.  We encourage all children to make healthy choices and to try a variety of food.  We are mindful of special dietary requirements for religious and cultural reasons and to ensure that medical requirements are up to date and allergies requirements are displayed whiting every room.

Special Educational Needs

We support all children in their development and individual’s needs by provide an inclusive environment for all children and their families. We monitor and review the progress and development of all children. However, where a child appears to be behind expected levels of development or where a child’s progress gives cause for concern. We will adopt a graduated approach with 4 stages of action: Assess, Plan, Do & Review. We will work in partnership with parents and seek support from other professionals where necessary.


Jelly Tots Nursery is the best choice we made for our son. He is loved by the teachers like he is their own. His social, motor and vocabulary skills have noticeably improved with their help in a short space of time. The staff are very attentive and offer support not just to the student but also the parents if needed. They may not be a big corporate chain like busy bees, they are better. They are family.

Parent 2020


Key Person 

By implementing and maintaining an established key Person system, children's individual needs, interests and learning styles are observed and recorded consistently, helping them to feel safe, secure and settled. Therefore, your child's key worker will be your first point of contact within the nursery. Although we believe that our key worker system is at the heart of your child's development within the nursery, we do strongly encourage positive relationships with all other team members, to avoid distress in the absence of your child's key person, for example holidays and training. Consequently, we operate a buddy system where two members of staff work in partnership to implement an effective key Person system. At Jelly Tots Nursery we recognise and value the importance of relationships and allow plenty of time and opportunities for strong relationships to build. We all work together to ensure that are children are happy, healthy and supported at all times


Settling In

We understand the importance of a smooth transition into the nursery, Building a secure attachment

with a key person will help children settle in minimising the separation anxiety. We have introduced a gradual approach, starting with the child attending with the parent during a taster session.


Getting to know each other 

  • The child’s likes and dislikes

  • What the child already knows

  • The usual routine, especially when welcoming a baby

  • Whether they have attended childcare before, are attending any other childcare settings, or are used to being left with other people

  • The child’s favourite activities, toys or books

  • Health requirements.


Greeting and saying goodbye 

During the settling-in period, we encourage parents to say goodbye in a calm and brief manner, and ask them to tell the child when they’ll be back. This helps to develop secure and trusting three-way relationships. Some children might like to keep a favourite toy or cuddly with them to begin with as a transitional object. Mutual trust between  parents and the nursery, the transition will be so much easier. 

Settling In
Key Person
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