Ofsted Reports

Our recent inspection was 5th December 2018 (for both settings) and below are some key points from our Ofsted report. For more information please click on the relevant image. 

             White Hart Street

'Staff make regular assessments of children's learning and development'

'Staff provide effective support for those children who speak English as an additional language. Children have opportunities to hear their home language in play'

'Staff supervise children closely to keep them safe. They are vigilant when they take children out for walks in the local area. Staff teach children about road safety'

'Staff and the manager demonstrate their secure knowledge and understanding of how to keep children safe from harm'

'Children build secure attachments to staff'

'Children make good progress in their learning'


                Charles Burrell Centre

'Children quickly build relationships with staff. This has a positive impact on their emotional well-being'

'Staff effectively support children's communication and language skills, including children who speak English as an additional language'

'Staff observe children and routinely monitor their progress by tracking their development'

'Staff form successful partnerships with parents. They encourage parents to share information about their children and inform them about their children's progress'

'provide children with a stimulating environment'

'Children are happy and enjoy their time at the nursery'


'Children freely access books and enjoy listening to stories read by staff'


'They form friendships and enjoy their play together'

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