Our Jelly Tots Setting (White Hart Street)

Our Jelly Tots Nursery at White Hart Street caters for children from birth to 5 years. It is open all year round Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm. We provide nutritious home made meals for the children that attend for meal times, and treat this as an important part of the nursery day to spend time together communicating about our day.

The nursery is divided into 3 rooms, which are the Jelly Babies (baby room), the Jelly Tots (toddler room) and the Jelly Beans (pre-school room) with our own outside garden space. Within each room your child will have their own key person to help them settle into the nursery and to support them with their own development. 




Jelly Babies (Birth-2 years)


Within the Jelly Babies room, the emphasis is put upon sensory activities and

making secure attachments with the key person and staff within the room.

There is a separate sleeping area within the room for the babies to sleep and

feel well rested. We spend time developing our language through stories and

singing, and engaging in lots of creative experiences such as making




Jelly Tots (Toddler Room)

The children usually move to the Jelly Tots room at around the age of 2 years but this is flexible on the child’s developmental needs. When moving from the Jelly Babies to the Jelly Tots we support the transition through lots of settling in session and time spent with their new key person. They still have plenty of time to explore using their senses through the sensory area either through using light or various textures for the children to experiment


Jelly Beans (Pre-School Room)

In our preschool room we are focused on every day learning through adult focused activities and child-initiated play. The emphasis being on following the children’s interest. The end result in mind is for your child to be ‘school ready’. We engage in a variety of activities with this in mind to support all areas within the EYFS.


The room is divided into the different areas of the EYFS so the children  know exactly where to find which provision to enhance and extend their own learning with the support of their own key person.

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